Chromebook Academy

Thank you for your interest in these sessions featuring Chromebook tools! Please use the links below to explore my session resources. Unless otherwise indicated, sessions are hands-on, 50-80 minutes in duration, and are interactive in face to face environments.
Managing and Enhancing Gmail: In this hands-on session, explore how to better manage your Gmail, enhance management with add-ons and tools, as well as explore mobile apps you can use to achieve Inbox Zero!
  1. When: T 8:30-10:00am, Room: Innovation

Keep Yourself Organized: In this hands-on session, from grocery stores to classrooms, Google Keep can make reminders, document scanning and more possible! Join us for a fun overview of Google's most useful tool with optical character recognition (OCR)!
  1. When: T 2:30-3:20pm, Room: Transformation
Calendar Magic: In this hands-on session, participants will explore how they can enhance their Google calendar, share it, and integrate other tools.
  1. When: F 10:10-11:00am, Room: Innovation

Choosing the Right Chromebook Device: Chromebooks are great, and in this session, you'll explore the various features of Chromebooks, learning which to avoid and which to embrace.
  1. When: F 1:00-1:50pm, Room: Innovation

Google Hangouts for Educators: Learn how to participate in Hangouts, as well as what exciting virtual spaces you can Hangout with to build a "culture of thinking" in your classroom, your campus and/or your school district!
  1. When: F 3:00-3:50pm, Room: Transformation