Calendar Magic

In this hands-on session, participants will explore how they can enhance their Google calendar, share it, and integrate other tools.

Session Outline
  1. Configuring Your Calendar
    1. Enabling Keyboard Shortcuts (View them)
    2. Hide Morning and Night Hours (Settings->Labs)
    3. See Work Week only by turning off weekends
    4. Add World Clock
    5. Enable Weather Forecast
    6. Enable Email/SMS Notifications
    7. Personalize Google Calendar with Background Image
  2. Adding Events to Calendar
    1. Enter "Time" followed by "Event Title" at "Location"
      Example: 10am Parent Conference:Johnny's Parents at Room 242
    2. Try CREATE->Quick Add
    3. Add Holidays Calendar
  3. Get Organized
    1. Use Agenda view to get a quick look
    2. Use Mini-Calendar to Focus on a series of dates
    3. Jump to Date
  4. Google Tasks