Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE)

Welcome to this Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) resource! 
Please be aware that the resources and materials associated with MIE 1-day Teacher Training are available in a OneNote Notebook, TCEA MIE - Participants. If you are attending a TCEA MIE Session, you will receive access to the Notebook during the workshop. For now, here are some proposed (DRAFT) workshop dates. A final version is available via the TCEA web site at

July, 2016
  • Wed, July 6th
  • Fri, July 9th
  • Wed, July 13
  • Mon, July 18th
August, 2016
  • Mon, Aug 8th
  • Fri, Aug 19th
  • Tue, Aug 23
September, 2016
  • Fri, Sep 9th
  • Mon, Sep 19
  • Wed, Sep 28
Helpful Links

These are some links that I've collected over time and update periodically.

Windows Walkabout

  1. Snap Windows (Windows management)
  2. Tips: If you can't se the task view, right click desktop and choose show task view button.

Microsoft Edge - Reader View

  1. Reader View (Ctrl-Shift-R)
  2. Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
  1. Tips:
    1. "Edge trick, if you have bluetooth on your computer and connect to a device like a phone, you can "cast" something to that device"


Connect with Others

  3. Bing Newsletter
  4. Microsoft Education - Connect


Microsoft Office 365 and Office Mix

  1. Office 365 Education Plan
  3. Office Mix
    1. OfficeMix Tutorial
    2. Office Mix for Education
    3. Office Mix for Teachers
    4. Office Mix Tutorials


Microsoft OneNote

  1. + OneNote Web Clipper
  2. Sample Class Notebook
  3. Sample ClassNotebook with Cornell Notes
  4. Staff Notebook
  5. Learning Tools
  6. Evernote to OneNote Migration and Import Tool
  7. OneNote in the Classroom
  8. OneNote Gem Templates



Microsoft Skype

  1. Mystery Skype

Microsoft Sway

  1. Sample Projects
    1. Let's Get Connected

Get Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Certified

  1. Learning Paths -


Miscellaneous Links

  1. Use for ad-free YouTube videos
  2. Learning Paths for Microsoft Badges & Certification