Gmail Capacity Matrix


I don’t know it

I’m aware of it

I can do this with some help

I can do this without help

I can teach others how to do this

Compose, reply & forward a message

Use CC and BCC

Edit the subject on a message

Set up your signature

Set up a vacation responder / auto reply

Mark message as important

Mark message as read/unread

Mark message with a star

Label a message

Move a message

Explain the difference between labelling and moving a message

Explain the difference between archiving and deleting a message

Change your Gmail theme

Add Labs features to Gmail

Apply formatting to the text of a message

Attach a file to a message

Attach a Drive file to a message

Insert an image in a message

Insert a link in a message

Spellcheck a message

Create a canned response

Compose a chat message

Create a task from a message

Create an Calendar event from a message

Create a filter