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Google Drive 101

Wish you had an easy way to organize your digital life? Consider relying on GoogleDrive as your "grab bag" of digital tools, as well as your "go-bag" of documents and resources. Not only can you make it easy to automate backup of all your critical files, you can also use Google Drive to quickly synchronize files between two or more computers using the Google Drive program. 

You will also see how to create, modify, add collaborators, and share files/folders in Google Drive. Techniques for backing up work from your work GoogleApps drive to your personal Google account will also be discussed. 

  1. Introductions & Housekeeping
    1. What is one thing you want to learn today? 
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    2. Session Overview
  2. Google Drive Walkabout
    1. Exploring Google Drive
      1. Toolbars
      2. Settings
        1. General
        2. Notifications
          1. Folder Notifications Add-Ons
        3. Connected Apps
      3. Keyboard Shortcuts: 3 common shortcuts:
        1. Shift + t = Create new document.
        2. Shift + p = Create new presentation.
        3. Shift + s = Create new spreadsheet.
        4. / = Search your Drive.
    2. Organizing Your Files and Folders
      1. List view vs grid view
      2. Color code your files/folders
      3. Number your files/folders
      4. Add tags to your folder/document titles (e.g. #projectABZ)
      5. Star items to quickly locate them in Starred items
      6. How to Copy or Move Files/Folders
    3. Creating New Files and Folders
      1. Docs
      2. Sheets
      3. Slides
      4. Forms
      5. Drawings
      6. Maps
  3. Collaboration
    1. Learn how to set up a document with comment rights
    2. Learn how to set up a document with anchor points (bookmarks)
    3. Learn how to use the 'research' feature
    4. Learn how to set up the visibility settings 
  4. Using Google Drive as Your Backup Solution
    1. Installing Google Drive on Your Windows/Mac Computer
    2. How to Set It Up for Backup Purposes
  5. Backing Up Your Google Drive
    1. Quick ways to back up your Google Drive
    2. Solutions to copy your Drive content from one Google/GoogleApps account to another
      1. (free for trial basis)
      2. (free)
  6. Google Drive Add Ons
    1. Kevin's Add-ons
    2. Boxcryptor Portable - Encrypt/decrypt files
    3. DrivePlayer - Play music stored in your Google Drive!
    4. IFTTT Recipes for Google Drive
    5. HelloFax - Send faxes from Google Drive