Welcome to the Agenda for today's session on Tablets in the ELL Classroom! Be sure to share suggestions for additions to the agenda online via the TodaysMeet set up for sharing!

I. Housekeeping & Introductions

  1. Open your browser

  2. Go to

A. This Presentation

  1. Go to
    This website contains all the materials for today’s presentation.
    It will be available for you to access at any time.  

  2. You also have access to a OneNote Notebook, Tablets in the ELL Classroom.

B. Introductions

  1. Go to

    1. Type your name and click Join.

    2. Introduce yourself to the group.

C. Today’s Agenda

  1. You are looking at it.

II. Overview of Tablets in the ELL Classroom
  1. Slideshow presentation
  2. HEAT + ELPS Walkthrough Form

III. Stations

We will rotate stations in 60 minute intervals.

  1. Away Team Missions