Communications Tablet Apps

Welcome! Below please find apps for your tablet.

Creation Apps (e.g. Digital Storytelling, Narrated Slideshows or Narrated Art)

  1. Shadow Puppet EDU
  2. Adobe Voice
  3. Book Creator+ Comics (Free version but $4.99 full version; Windows version is FREE; Examples (20 million!) More Examples!
  4. Canva| Video
  5. Educreations (app+web site)
  6. Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard
  7. Opinion Podcasts

Image/Video Editing Apps

  1. Annotate
  2. Fotobabble
  3. Green Screen by DoInk
  4. Instant Photo Booth ($5.99) (GreenScreen app for Surface)
  5. iMovie
  6. PhotoSpeak
  7. PicCollage (Example)

  8. Strip Designer ($2.99)Comic Strip Maker/Collage Maker (Example)

  9. Tackk(Example | More)

Class Organization or Communication App

  1. Readdle Documents
  2. OneNote & OneNote ClassNotebook (Requires Office365 account)
  3. PingPong Spot Networking
  4. NearPod (iOS/Android)
    1. Video: Nearpod Overview
    2. Video: Getting Started with Nearpod
  5. SeeSaw (iOS/Android)
    1. Video: SeeSaw Overview
    2. Video: Seesaw in the Primary Classroom
    3. Padlet: Why 3rd Graders Like Seesaw

Scannable Technology

  1. Aurasma
  2. Quivervision with free samples