Team 4: Hernandez

Welcome to the Crew of the Starship Enterprise! As newly minted Starfleet officers, the Federation is profoundly grateful for your service, you will rendezvous in the Transporter Room ("Captain, Transporter room will be down for maintenance after this morning! Just thought they should know!") to for deployment to several planetary locations. The planet, Aurora, that the Enterprise is orbiting has diverse needs, and each team will have the opportunity to do an assessment and make something using available tablets. 

Since parallel problem-solving is called for, each team will engage in data collection, observation, and learning, then meet back at the end of the day to share what they have learned. Due to planetary atmospheric conditions, shuttle craft are not available and the Transporter will be down for routine maintenance until end of day. Fortunately, no hostiles have been detected in the area.

Starfleet Dossier - Scannable Technologies

Team Hernandez, read on to see your The Task.
The Task
Students at Verdana Colony live in a lush, forested area with many ruins of past civilizations. In fact, there is so much around them that they need a way to make it come alive with more information. 

To facilitate communications, your team has been asked to find ways to assist augment real artifacts and objects that may be around with images, audio and text. Create an augmented reality using scannable technologies that can be affixed to three important artifacts found in Verdana's environs.
The Process
  1. Adapt one of the apps mentioned in the Starfleet Dossier on Scannable Technologies and discuss with your team members how it might be used in your language learning classroom. Then, pick ONE (or both) of the following activities to complete and report back on your findings:
  2. Activity #1 - QR Codes
    1. Each member of your team will become familiar with the various scannable technologies to create enhanced artifacts. 
    2. Add audio using QR codes to these web pages. 
    3. Submit QR Codes via TrekShare SeeSaw.
  3. Activity #2 - Augmented Reality
    1. Create your own AR page with QuiverVision app
    2. Print it and share the process you went through as Seesaw notes.

Sample: Create a sample student writing project (e.g. poem, non-fiction piece, essay, short story) and add a QR code that links to an audio file you have shared online.