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Coaching vs Mentoring

Mentoring: Helping Teachers Integrate Technology
We will discuss the difference between coaching and mentoring as well as talk about tools for you to use to support your teachers as they grow in their journey of using technology effectively.

Note: This session is a part of the Campus Technology Specialist Certification programThanks in advance for attending. At TCEA, we look forward to supporting you – together, we can innovate teaching and learning.

Use the special link shared with you during presentation to access the slidedeck!

An excerpt of slides:

Helpful Links:

Technology Connections
Here are some of the technologies recommended in the webinar. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact @mguhlin @diben on Twitter or Voxer.
  1. Appear.in - Get a free account via their web site. Appear.in is also available as an Android or iOS app.
  2. Blogger.com - This is a blogging platform that can be adapted for use, involving the coachee sharing his/her reflections about something, with the coach offering comments. Any blog platform will work, as will GoogleDocs or Word Online.
  3. OneNote - This free app, available for all devices, facilitates note-taking. You and your partner could use it as a way to share notes, private reflections in text and/or as audio recordings from your mobile device. It will require a free Microsoft account, OneDrive and OneNote account.
  4. Skype - Similar to Appear.in, Skype allows you to have one to one or one to many type video and/or audio only conversations with built-in chat. It is also available as an iOS and Android app.
  5. Vocaroo.com - Quickly make an audio recording you can share.
  6. Voxer.com - Get a free account for yourself and your coachee/mentee via the Voxer web site. This is also available as an Android or iOS app that you can load on your mobile device.

Blogs & Podcasts
  1. Aguilar, Elena. "The Art of Coaching"
  2. Alaniz, Dr. Katie, & Wilson, Dr. Dawn. "Naturalizing Digital Immigrants: Collegial Coaching for Technology Integration" (Video)
  3. Couros, George. "The Innovator's Mindset" and check out Jennifer Casa-Todd's Voxer Group about this book!
  4. Schlecty, Phil. Working on the Work.

Fun Links
Books/Links Shared by Webinar Participants
  1. "So, You Want To Be an Instructional Designer?" (Shared by Martha Lackey)
    "I read a great article today of characteristics of an instructional designer and it really has some great key points. I will share it here."
  2. Website for Jim Knight's group is www.instructionalcoaching.com
  3. "Unmistakable Impact: A Partnership Approach for Dramatically Improving Instruction" by Jim Knight (Shared by Jo Cadena)
  4. "Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction" by Jim Knight (Shared by Jo Cadena)
  5. "Focus on Teaching: Using Video for High-Impact Instruction" by Jim Knight